//: Phase 1 Sale - Data Review

Space Robots NFT — MaiarBot body and BulkBot hands

//: Overview

With some chaos due to unforeseen events, updates, and changes. Since no 🤖 is left behind! Space Robots Phase 1 Sale was Sold Out!

Celebratory Phase 1 Sale Sold Out video

This relatively short article would like to go over a few essential things for every Space Robots community member.

  • Data examination
  • Destroyer of Time and Space
  • Sale Roadmap - Phase 1 complete

Data examination

With all the things happening in the background Space Robots team had little to reflect on all the things that had happened.

Space Robots NFT — codename: GeekBot.
  • Team members did not have any RoboPacksPH1 pre-minted. We had a certain number of wallets we used to acquire the Space Robots crates during the Phase 1 sale.
  • One 🤖 also had an issue purchasing too many RoboPacksPH1s due to the Maiar Defi Wallet chrome extension bug. The bug was reported to the Elrond team, and we bought those RoboPacksPH1 from the stated 🤖.
  • From the funds collected, our team has a set allocation of EGLD kept in separate wallets dedicated to the project development, marketing, and community growth.

We are excited to have a strong Elrond community support that helped us grow and reach a bigger audience.e.

Space Robots team is also thankful for our developers at Moonlorian that were essential at launching the first phase 1 of our project.

Destroyer of Time and Space

The minted Destroyer of Time and pace

As previously mentioned in our article there was an additional benefit of buying 3X or more RoboPackPH1s in Phase 1 Sale.

We have minted: 337X Destroyer of Time and Space. Identifier: SPACEROBOT-bfbf9d-03

We decided on the following rules of calculating the final amount:

  • Every wallet that minted 3+ RoboPackPH1 in the Phase 1 Sale gets 1X DestroyerTS
  • Every wallet that minted 6+ gets an additional DestroyerTS

Since initially it was calculated for a maximum of 600 wallets to mint 3x or more, the actual numbers 305 wallets.

Since we wanted to strike a fair balance between 🤖 who minted 3X and all 🐳who minted many more RoboPackPH1. The decision was made to set a limit of 6+ and reward those who bought more but still keep the Destroyers rare.

Were are actively working on the automated distribution system. Should happen later this week. We will publish a separate announcement.

Already have a working solution on Elrond devnet; after a successful test, we will move the distribution to the Elrond mainnet.

Sale Roadmap — Phase 1 complete

With the completion of Phase 1, we also reached the first step of the Sale Roadmap. You can find our full roadmap document here.

Sale Roadmap

Phase 1 complete buyback of 25 EGLD from the market

We have waited a bit on deciding the best approach since the situation of the Elrond NFT marketplaces is currently under development.

But as of today, we have already bought back 5X RoboPackPH1 units for a total of 4.84 EGLD. We are waiting for another marketplace to enable the trading of RoboPackPH1, and we will try to distribute the buyback between different marketplaces.

Here are the 5 buyback transactions:

  • 4a70c67617f0f9cbb7021551f0e69468c56cfa110faa48860c995ff0dae75ea8
  • b4803ffce661ce35b9c1be15f21fa16785f416f646d3496ab0f895fe0b762180
  • 166c2aa4c67fd12c22526b34889f5779bb085b44b88dadaca5c5172003f706c7
  • f04b1ae87c5460281707c3dc242b119d2b4548a178c246837e16d1978f510804
  • d3034e5705d86021859e1979211340f40a6a2000232adba17688a58f30958703

//: End of transmission.



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